From a mysterious illness related to vaping, died 33 American

От таинственной болезни, связанной с вейпингом, умерли 33 американца

The number of deaths from hitherto unexplored disease caused by vaping, has increased to 33. The outbreak is spreading, and doctors fear that the flu season may worsen the situation.

According to the Center for control and prevention of diseases, at least 33 people died and 1 479 sick after using electronic cigarettes. On the days of illness has the official name – EVALI.

Doctors the CDC urge everyone not to use any products for vaping, since the exact cause of the disease is still not established. The number of deaths continues to rise across the country. Just a week – 7 dead and more than 200 cases in different States.

“It’s potentially lethal to half of the cases, and each time the treatment requires intensive care,” – said Wednesday the first Deputy Director of the CDC Sucat Anne (Anne Schuchat).