From the Palace called of wondering why the Amateur photos of Megan Markle was removed from Instagram

Meghan Markle, Clare waight Keller and Rosamund pike

Cute pics from the after party and other social events — common in the accounts of stars. Celebrities and fashion brands willing to allow his fans to see more than ceremonial pictures from the red carpet. But those who make a selfie with the Duchess of Sussex it should probably be more careful. Thus, it became known that the pictures from the 37-year-old Meghan Markle made after the ceremony Fashion Awards, removed from the account British fashion Council.

Meghan Markle, Clare waight Keller and Rosamund pike

Photographer Ivan Fabing made a series of black and white animated pictures, which captured the star guests, among whom were Penelope Cruz, Lana del Rey, Rita Ora, and award winners.

Hit the lens of the photographer and Meghan Markle, whose appearance at the awards for many was a surprise. The pregnant Duchess appeared together with the designer Clare waight Keller, where she has performed on stage and presented the award, and actress Rosamund pike. However, the next day, the GIF with the Trinity was removed from the account British fashion Council, while all other positions remained in place. Survived the only the blog of the photographer.


Netizens immediately began to discuss the mysterious disappearance of the image. Many jokingly (or maybe seriously) suggested that not without the intervention of a higher power.

From the Palace called

wrote one commenter.

Meghan Markle at the ceremony Fashion Awards — 2018

However, many more interested in not a detective story with a photo, and the behavior of most 37-year-old Megan.

She really hung out there all night?

She forgot her place! She’s not some actress, and the representative of the Royal family!

It is noticeable that in all the videos she keeps over her belly and slowly rotated from side to side so everyone could take a picture. Does she have any idea how ridiculous that looks?

Well, we suggest you to be Sherlock Holmes to put forward their version of what happened with the picture?

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