Frost and snow will be replaced by a thaw in the Ukraine on New year and Christmas

Морозы и снег сменятся оттепелью: какой будет погода в Украине на Новый год и Рождество

The first month of winter surprised the Ukrainians temperature variety. First, he pleased with the thaw, which replaced the November cold. But in the coming days in Ukraine is expected again the weather deterioration. Active cyclone from the South-West can bring snow, sleet and rain. A kind of foreshadowing of that change before it became an unusual phenomenon — about the sun.

Such temperature variations affect not only mood, but also on the health of many people. This is especially true of weather-sensitive individuals who have elevated blood pressure and headache the sudden change in the weather.

How long will last such temperature swings and what will be the weather on St. Nicholas, Christmas and New year? The answers to these questions the “FACTS” given to the Ukrainian weather forecasters.

The thaw, which was observed on December 4-5, will be replaced by light frosts, but they will not last for long, said the “FACTS” of the Deputy chief of Department of weather forecasts of the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center Natalia Golenya. — At night it is expected 2-8 degrees Celsius, and in the North-East, temperatures sometimes can drop to minus 10-12. Day in most parts of the country — from two degrees to three heat. However, this demotion will last for a few days, and Ukraine again will return the thaw, which will be accompanied by rain and sleet.

These days temperature day and night will range from 0 to plus 3. But to replace it very quickly will come again cold. That is soon expected temperature variations from a small frost to weak plus.

That in December, Ukrainians are waiting for the temperature swing, “FACTS” are confirmed by the national weather forecaster Leonid Gorban.

As I predicted earlier, in December expected to be the same temperature swings that we saw in November. Projected 4-5 days when they small cold, and the same number of days of thaw, — says Leonid Gorban. — Now we are seeing such a thaw, but after four days in Ukraine will back temperatures down to minus 2-4. Then again, the thaw will come.

However, since the 17th of December in Ukraine are expected severe frosts, which will reach up to 12 degrees. Here only they will last only until December 24, when to replace them again come the thaw. Three days before the New year we will return temperatures down to minus 5, which will be accompanied by snow. This snowy weather will last until the end of 2018 and is expected in the new year’s eve.

— In the first days of the new year?

— The same winter, and at the end of this: temperatures down to 3-7 degrees and snow. But they will last for about four days. From 5 January to Ukraine again come the thaw. So Christmas will be slushy. We, by the way, said the weather, which was November 24, in the so-called Michaelmas. It is in this day, according to popular belief, determine the weather for Christmas. They say that if Michaelmas day was ice, as we have seen, for Christmas.

— When in Ukraine will come this winter?

From 15 January, when the temperature will drop sharply to 15-25 degrees. Cold weather with snow in February and with temperatures down to minus 30, will last until the beginning of March.

The same unstable weather in December predicted earlier “FACTS” is another popular weatherman Vladimir Derkach. According to him, in the second week of December is expected to be insignificant warming, which will be accompanied by sleet and rain.

The third decade of the first winter month will begin with a drop in temperature. But it would be short, and to replace him will come the warming. So severe frost until the end of 2018 will not be“, — said the forecaster.


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