Funeral of Johnny Hallyday Madeleine : that the Elysee has refused to pay

Obsèques de Johnny Hallyday à la Madeleine : ce que l’Elysée refuse de payer

A year after the national tribute record to Johnny Hallyday in Paris, the invoice is still not settled.

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Last December, the whole of France paid homage to one of her more great rocker gone, Johnny Hallyday. The ceremony grandly held in the church of the Madeleine in Paris. For the occasion, the place was filled with floral compositions that are monumental. Near the altar, beautiful wreaths of white flowers were arranged to accommodate the coffin immaculate Taulier.

According to the estimates of professionals, these compositions would have cost between 20 000 and 25 000 euros in total. Problem : this bill would still be unpaid, and according to our colleagues on the Point, the Elysee refuses to pay for these flowers.

The magazine had spotted a passage on this subject in the book of Benjamin Locoge The ballad of Johnny and Laeticia : “If Laeticia wanted a grand ceremony, with a legion of bouquets white plush, she does not know how to pay the bill. The Elysée was surprised to receive an invoice and refuses to honor it”.

It must be said that the Elysée has already set the hand to the pocket for this national tribute, and obviously that has cost them much more than the flowers ! According to the journalist Christine Kelly, a columnist in Key not at my post (C8), the State has paid for the security budget : 1500 police officers and gendarmes had been mobilized for the day. According to the reporter, who has contacted the Elysée, it will not go further than that : “It is out of the question that has to be paid. Already, it offers everything that is security. Usually, for all manifestations of profit, are made to pay…

On the side of Laeticia Hallyday, his lawyers have confirmed to the Express that the information is “false” and report not wanting to “arguing about this rumor.

Remains to be seen how this latest bill will be adjusted. One thing is for sure, Laura and David have already refused to pay.

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