Funny collection of jokes you will laugh

Забавная подборка анекдотов вас наверняка развеселит

Best jokes to lift the mood.Portion of positive emotions, which certainly charge you a good mood for the whole day. The best jokes of the network especially for you, reports the with reference to the real world.

Unauthorized checking the pockets of her husband led to significant additional taxes and fees in family budget.

Love sociable and cheerful people who have a good mood today and they chat with the seller, standing in front of you in line.

Here people write: “What could be better than mile run bright and early?” What? Yes, everything! Pregnant wife at three in the morning wakes tortured her husband:— Darling, I want grenades… I want a pomegranate!— Ah, but when you finally give birth to this terrorist?!

— Madam, yesterday I heard your singing.— Oh, thank you! I was just killing time!— You chose a terrible weapon, Madam.

— Doctor, do you recognize me? I sold you a diploma of graduation from medical school.

… And was the crane operator two daughters Elvira and Elimina…

— How to change appearance? — Take the box.

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