G20 summit: Melania trump chose a Dior dress for 10 thousand dollars for a visit to the Museum

Melania trump and Julian Awad

In Argentina, the ongoing G20 summit, while the presidents discussed pressing issues, their second half acquainted with the country, the local culture and each other. So, yesterday, the main item on the agenda was a visit to the Museum of Latin American art of Buenos Aires.

All eyes were focused on the first lady of the United States Melania trump — thanks to her elegant and feminine look. 48-year-old wife of Donald trump, who brought to Argentina the bunch of designer outfits, this time appeared in public in a dress by Christian Dior cost 9 $ 800. Cream polka dot dress with open hands and a slim strap at the waist Melania added coat and matching boats pastel shade.

Melania trump and Julian Awad

However, the image of the “mistress” of the summit, Juliana Awadh, wife of President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, also deserves attention: the 44-year-old first lady of Argentina shone in a dark green dress with floral print and delicate translucent sandals. Julian is generally considered in the country style icon and can easily compete on the part of the fashionable outfits even Melania trump.

Julian Awad

And whose image you like more?

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Melania trump and Julian Awad

The G20 Summit

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