Gadget for allergen detection

Появился гаджет для определения аллергенов

It weighs 600 grams and will cost about $ 200.

According to ACS Photonics, in the United States created a device that captures and defines all the allergens that are present in the air. Earlier bio-aerosols used to catch using spore traps and filters, and then to study composition under the microscope.

The device catches pollen and other irritants on the adhesive surface, after which it processes with a laser and sensor.

The image is recorded by a neural network that can distinguish between normal allergens. Thus, it is possible to find the specific cause of allergic reactions. However, at this stage the apparatus is in the process of being finalized.

While it is only available for five of the allergens, so it works with an accuracy of approximately 94 percent.

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