Galaxy X may be represented at CES 2019

Galaxy X может быть представлен на CES 2019

Many users of mobile technology and in particular the fans of Samsung are eagerly awaiting the long-awaited and interesting concept of folding smartphone Galaxy X.

However, increasing the surveillance of the project, Samsung less and less mention of this possibility. Therefore, analytical edition Ice Universe decided to warm up user anticipations and hope, releasing the network some details about what he has learned about the release of a foldable smartphone. Looking ahead, it is worth noting that the wait for the users were, apparently, not so much, especially considering the imminent release of the Galaxy Note 9.

With models Galaxy Note 9 and begins the hearing on the preliminary plans by the South Korean manufacturer of mobile technology, hold on the market, this model is planned long enough, literally for about four months. Most likely, it is due to the fact that the company is preparing a springboard for a wide release of the Galaxy S10, and then the Galaxy X – the smartphone with foldable dual display. Ice Universe indicates that according to insider reports, to see the first presentation of the long-awaited Galaxy X users will be able during the next CES 2019, which will be held in January 2019.

Galaxy X может быть представлен на CES 2019

And until the company will finally release the Galaxy Note 9 with the signature stylus, which is largely the advantage of this model, as not only expands the standard functionality, but also the context of the treatment buttons. Although some assume that the model Galaxy S10 will be released later of a folding phone from Samsung being introduced at MWC 2019.

The edition Ice Universe indicates that the data are not fully tested and durable – and therefore should consider these assumptions as the most likely with current trends and company actions against Samsung in the mobile market. One thing is clear – likely presenting in January of next year their new folding phone, Samsung will gradually Refine its functionality and ergonomics.

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