Game of Thrones : the first of the five spin-offs is getting closer (and one specific)






It is the eternal cycle of life. While the series mother is dying and has just completed his filming, one of her children is going to start hers soon.

The story around spin-offs of Game of Thrones is still a bit fuzzy and nebulous. After the next disappearance of the saga mother, it will be necessary that HBO can continue to dig the lode gold of the franchise. With the five ideas of projects proposed by the creator of the saga literature, George R. R. Martin, HBO had apparently decided to keep that one to the test and to throw another in the garbage. Without knowing course of which it was a question.


Tired of all this myself, I would like to play in The Witcher


There are a few weeks of this, the main interested in the story, George R. R. Martin, said that one of the spin-offs proposed would have its pilot episode commissioned by HBO. Today we learned via Deadline that it is this same project that will be filmed in Belfast next October. Happy coincidence, the venue has already been addressed several times by the show runners of Game of Thrones.

Regarding the history of this spin-off which will be a prequel and not a sequel, George R. R. Martin had talked a little bit quickly in the title of his blog. The action would be “not just 90 years before Game Of Thrones, or 100 years ago, but rather a thousand years back.” Concretely, here’s what we should expect :

“The series tells the diving world of the Golden Age of Heroes in its darker recesses. And there is only one thing is certain : the secrets and terrifying about the history of Westeros, the true origin of the Walkers White, passing through the mysteries of the East and the legend of Stark, this is not the story that we thought we know.”


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From what we know, it was Jane Goldman, co-writer on Kick-Ass and Kingsman : the Secret Services who would be responsible for carrying out this spin-off/prequel that does not yet have an official name. For the time being, George R. R. Martin has just granted a provisional basis entitled “The Long Night”, rather bad for a start.

Regarding the other spin-offs non-formalized, we already knew that one of them might wear on one of the news of the author, The Ice Dragon. Today, we also learn through the wiki of Game of Thrones (a source of some weakness in short) that HBO is in the process of developing a project called Empire of Ash, and which would bring about the decline of the Empire Valyrien, the ancestors of Daenerys.

Always according to the same source, this prequel would explore the “crises social, economic and political-that have led the Empire to destroy from within.” The show is apparently set for 5 seasons with director Miguel Sapochnik, behind the episode of The Battle of the Bastards. Here, it would be at the head of the driver.

Nothing confirmed or anything official, especially as the source is still unreliable, so this information must be taken with a grain of salt. The season 8 of Game of Thrones will be released in April 2019.


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