Gard: the yellow Vests who are suspected of having caused a road accident

Gard: des Gilets jaunes soupçonnés d'avoir causé un accident de la route

The yellow Vests of the Gard are suspected of having caused a car accident, making the injured serious, last February. They would cut a tree, to put in across the road, the driver violently crashed into.

The yellow Vests would be at the origin of a new road accident? This is the question which must meet the investigators of the police of the Gard, after a serious accident at the beginning of the month of February near Connaux.

On the route départementale 6086, and to a place, poorly lit, the car of a woman driver was embedded in a plane, in the night of 5 to 6 February. The motorist was seriously injured and transported to hospital in Bagnols-sur-Cèze.

But the plane is not bordered not along the road: the trunk had been chopped up and the tree was lying in the middle of the track. An investigation has been launched to find those responsible for this act.

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Wednesday, 21, the gendarmes of the Gard have arrested four suspects, identified as yellow Vests according to Midi Libre. They will be interviewed.

According to the local newspaper, this is not the first time that such an accident occurs because of a tree chopped up in the middle of the road. At the beginning of the month of February, in the Vaucluse, on the RN 86 and the RN 7 two trees had been felled.

An accident involving two heavy trucks had been caused but there had been no wounded.

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