Geologists have found a diamond in the shape of a heart

Геологи нашли алмаз в форме сердца

The Russian diamond company reports that the miners found a precious stone in the shape of a heart for Valentine’s Day. This was reported on the website of the Corporation, reports “Bagnet”.

Weight of diamond is carat 65,7. It was discovered on January 23 kimberlite Udachnaya pipe in Yakutia. The stone has a high quality. His age, according to experts, more than 300 million years.

“The appearance of a diamond in the shape of a heart, especially on the eve of Valentine’s Day, it seems a symbolic gift of nature not only for our company but for all couples,” — said a member of the Board, Director of a unified sales organization Evgeny Agureev, adding that in nature are very rare stones with a recognizable shape resembling an object or symbol. At the moment, experts are studying the unusual mineral.