Germany wants to send migrants in Ukraine and Belarus on a simplified “scheme”

Германия хочет отправлять мигрантов в Украину и Беларусь по упрощенной "схеме"

In the list of safe countries of origin want to include an additional 14 States. Germany plans to include in the list of safe countries of origin 14 States. This was announced on Friday, October 19, the dpa news Agency, citing a copy of the response of interior of Germany, at the official request of the Bundestag from the Free democratic party (FDP) Linda Teuteberg (Linda Teuteberg). Migrants from so-called safe countries of origin easier to send from Germany in case of refusal of asylum, their asylum claims considered in an expedited manner, reports the with reference to Deutsche Welle.

The German government plans to expand the list of countries in this category. In July it was agreed to amend the list of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Georgia. Now his plan to make such countries as Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Cuba, Colombia, Vietnam, Tanzania, Pakistan, India, Kenya, Benin, Guinea-Bissau, Central African Republic and Chad.

This is because the proportion of positive decisions on asylum applications from citizens of these States is in the current year, less than five percent. According to the coalition agreement, the country can be declared safe, if the proportion less than five percent was maintained for a number of years.

At the same time in the interior of Germany, stressed that the final decision depends on the fulfillment of a number of criteria, as well as regulations of the European Union and the conclusion of the Federal constitutional court of Germany. The German government first needs to conduct a detailed analysis of the situation in these States and confirm that there is no risk of torture, inhuman treatment or armed conflict. When such analysis can be completed, is unclear, said the Ministry.

On 18 October, the Bundestag rejected the offer of the FDP to include in the list of safe countries of origin Georgia and the States of the Maghreb. The deputies of the CDU/CSU and SPD believe that at the present time this proposal would not find majority support in representation of the Federal States, the Bundesrat. Especially questionable support from land in the governments involving green.

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