Get up on skis — we run the party: choose clothes for winter fun

Well, here we are in the homestretch of this year! 2018 ends, but the winter, meanwhile, is just beginning. Therefore, in addition to gifts for relatives and friends, you should think about your own wardrobe for the cold months that will suit any winter fun: get-togethers with my friends to parties and sports walks in the fresh air.

1.Alena Akhmadullina x Disney

Specifically to release on the Russian screen of a film “the Nutcracker and the four kingdoms” (The Nutcracker and the Four Realms) designer Alena Ahmadullina has released a limited edition collection inspired by the fairy world. Every thing in linacre stylized one of the magic coolest mentioned in the film. For example, images of the Kingdom of the Sweets passed through the combination of different payetochnye fabrics that mimic the flowing layers of cream.


The British brand has already presented the pre-collection autumn/winter 2019. According to Riccardo Tisci, the key to his work, he still sees the restoration of the heritage of the brand, in the development of a creative Director turned again to the archives. The emphasis in the collection is placed on brand coats, jackets and quilted jackets. To new things Quiet again integrated the monogram of Thomas Burberry, thus showing respect for the history of the brand.


Winter wardrobe can seem boring — the same type of sweater does not add joy in the snowy days. The brand of Pastel is clearly determined to fight the Blues creative — the main feature of the brand is the sweater with embroideries and appliqués. Choose from ready-made assortment not necessarily the brand can be ordered and customized a sweater or cardigan, for example, with a favorite picture.


Winter is not a reason to quit sports, but rather to begin an active lifestyle. In spite of all the snowstorms up on skates or skis, and in order not to get lost in the winter landscape, we choose the bright things. For example, such as in the collection of Zasport. Well, the symbols of the Olympics will be to inspire personal bests!


The style in which you shot the lookbook, perfectly expresses the main idea of the brand — creating a practical and comfortable things in which combined Parisian chic with bold street fashion: this is the heroine in a hurry and drinking coffee on the run, but her images are always thoughtful and memorable.

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