Ghost accidentally caught on photo by a Brit

Призрак случайно попал на фото британки

The Ghost stood ha child.

English from Newcastle, Laura Watson accidentally took a photo of a Ghost, and then was horrified by the resulting image, reports the with reference to

So, she took their children, 15-year-old Charlotte, a 9-year-old Barina and 16-year-old nephew Jack for a walk in the Park Plessey Woods Country Park in Northumberland.

In the Park a woman on the phone made a few photos. And the only home she noticed that behind her son is another child with a pale face.

Laura claims that close during their walk no one was there. On alerting users about the use of photoshop she said she does not know how to use it even.

“Nothing else can not explain it… I and my daughter could not sleep at night, so it was scary… my Husband worked the night shift, we were alone and I was afraid that it might follow us,” she says.

Призрак случайно попал на фото британки

Призрак случайно попал на фото британки

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