Ghyslaine Couture: glass … free as air

Question: Is it possible to admire a glass sculpture by Ghyslaine Couture without the reflex of sticking your nose on it with a frown of astonishment? We challenge you. “People are always curious about the technique and the effect …”, admits the artist about his most captivating works.
Since 2010, Granbyenne has been creating free glass sculptures. First a fan of stained glass, she once wanted to do things differently. “The lead soldering gave me headaches. And I told myself that we could surely give a new breath to this medium, “she says. The discovery of the technique of free glass, and the good advice of the specialist in the field, Guy Simard, were a real revelation for the lady, who has managed the transition with brilliance and passion.

What Ghyslaine Couture is doing today is far from traditional glassmaking techniques. Resolutely modern, free glass allows to vertically superimpose several layers of pieces of glass in a wooden or metal frame. Front view, in full light, the sculpture offers multiple dimensions, enhanced by the addition of wire. Glass rods, glass beads, windshields … Each piece is carefully chosen – and usually cut and ground by the artist – to compose paintings with unique shapes, textures and colors.

limited production

Inspired by nature, Ghyslaine Couture offers scenes where trees and birds are often present, but abstraction also has its place in its creative and intuitive world.

“Every sculpture is a challenge. They are often trial-and-error, “explains the one who makes her works at home, in a small room specially designed for her needs. Work lamp, grinding wheel, tools (invented from scratch), sheet glass and pieces, protective glasses … Everything is at hand to make his frescoes, which are rarely more than 20 inches by 20 inches. Because because of the heavy base that supports them and the pressure of the glass, it is better to stick to “reasonable” formats. “It’s a chasm, the glass. It takes a lot! “Adds the craftswoman.

Each sculpture may require two months of work. “Most of the time, I do it three times!”, She launches most seriously in the world. It is therefore to a limited production that Ghyslaine Couture concentrates. Only ten or twelve pieces come out of his studio each year.

You will never come across it in an outdoor symposium, because of the fragility of its raw material. On the other hand, she exhibits regularly in arts fairs, galleries and shops in the province. From August 6th to 9th, the one who simply signs “Couture” will be present at Marché Bonsecours in Montreal.

For this lover of color, transparency and light, the free glass allows to give free rein to his imagination, while going to people. “It’s constructive and rewarding to create and exhibit my work. People – even children – are surprised and ask a lot of questions about my technique. And many say they feel the vibrations that emanate from my works. ”

And if, like many, you wonder if Ghyslaine Couture must deal with the inevitable cuts and scratches of the trade, the answer is yes. “Often!”

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