Girl abused at McDonald’s: three charges filed against a Granbyen

The Granbyen suspected of assaulting a girl aged just nine in the bathroom of a McDonald’s restaurant, Christopher Dégarie Giroux, faces charges of sexual assault, sexual interference and failure to comply with an order prohibiting him from being in the presence of a person under 16 years of age.
Bette sordid story began when a family move to Granby stopped at the McDonald’s restaurant in Denison Street Monday night around 22 pm. The girl then went alone to the restroom. The suspect then followed him to join her in the room.

Her father, possibly worried not to see her come back, returned to the room where he surprised a man near his daughter.

A scramble ensued between the father and the suspect. The latter managed to escape. A description of the individual allowed the rushed police in the area to locate him on Drummond Street that he gained by taking the floating bridge behind the restaurant.

The 22-year-old man, who is known to the police, was arrested.

In particular, the girl suffered a nervous shock. The nature of the actions of the man was not specified by the police service on Tuesday.

Three charges were filed against the Granbyen: sexual assault, minor sexual contact, and court order disrespect.

It was forbidden for Mr. Dégarie Giroux, a young man of small stature, to approach a minor following a previous conviction for similar acts.

In May 2018, in Longueuil, he was sentenced to 90 days in prison for sexual assault, sexual contact with a minor, non-compliance with his conditions and making false evidence in court.

Two years earlier, he had been found guilty of robbery and obstruction of police work.

Wearing a gray T-shirt and blue shorts, shaking his head frequently as if he had a nervous twitch, he briefly appeared before Judge Julie Beauchesne of the Court of Quebec on Tuesday at the Granby Court House. .

The Crown, represented by Valérie Simard-Croteau, opposed his release on the basis of the seriousness of the offenses charged and the accused’s road map.

Since he suffers from an intellectual disability, Me Mireille Leblanc, of the defense, asked that Mr. Dégarie Giroux undergo a psychiatric evaluation on his ability to appear.

An application accepted by Justice Beauchesne. In doing so, she indicated to the accused that he is prohibited from communicating with the victim or his family.

The accused must return to court on July 22. He faces a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison.

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