Google announced construction of a mini-city of the future near Toronto (PHOTO)

Google анонсировал строительство мини-города будущего близ Торонто (ФОТО)

Parent company Google, the “Alphabet” and announced the creation of a futuristic mini-city along a 12-acre section of the Eastern waterfront of Toronto. The project worth $1 billion will enable the creation of new public spaces, residential and commercial buildings and infrastructure for a thriving technology industry in Toronto.

As expected, Alphabet”s Sidewalk Labs will work with Waterfront Toronto to develop the new embankment, which will be called “Quayside”. According to Reuters, this will be the largest project developed by Sidewalk Labs today.

Sidewalk Labs describes itself as a company that “imagines, designs, tests and builds to help cities solve their biggest problems.”

“Today, no city in the world does not meet our ideas about the ideal city of the future, – said at the site of division of the Alphabet. – However, city have the potential, revealing that we will be able to answer all challenges. Thus, we conduct a large-scale change of the whole area, which will become a laboratory for testing urban technologies – a testing site for various city projects and development model of other cities.”

“The area will become a place for tens of thousands of people to live, work, learn and play, – said in a press release. – This will also reflect the cultural diversity and openness of Toronto and will provide all residents with access to coastal beaches, parks and places of leisure. Working together with the city Sidewalk Toronto seeks to create a space that encourages innovation in the fields of energy, waste and recycling and other ecologically important innovation for solving problems of protecting the planet. This is the place, which is complemented by digital technologies and data without giving up privacy and security.”

According to earlier reports The Wall Street Journal, smart city will occupy a total of 3 million square feet, which is comparable with the size of the Empire state building.

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