Google closes Android project

Google закрывает проект Android

Company everywhere removes the name of the Android mobile operating system and starts melanny the process of closing the project.

Presentation of the new smartphones Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL Google’s confused experts that for all the show none of the employees of the company did not mention the name of the operating system on which they work. It was very strange, because previously, Google has actively promoted the Android brand at each event, reports the online edition of the with reference for Today.

This just proves the fact that Google is moving away from Android. Some examples: operating system for Android Wear watch was renamed Wear OS, a payment system called Android Pay is now Google Pay, and even an Android app Messages recently just Messages.

Nevertheless, Google has several products that have names that contain the word Android.: Android TV, Android Auto, Android Things Android itself. Google is trying to get rid of Android for a few years, at least since the launch of the first smartphone Pixel in 2016. If you look closely, Android is not mentioned, neither on the box nor in the boot time of the device.

Android is Google actively mentions another project of the mobile operating system – Chrome OS. DURING the presentation the representatives of the companies touted Chrome OS, saying that the convenience it is no worse than Windows and macOS: is able to run mobile apps (Android) has a simple and intuitive interface.

Over the years Android is it branded as “buggy and brake” operating system, especially is often heard from the audience of supporters of Apple devices that have never used a competitive OS. Googl certainly want its smartphones had the same good reputation as that of Apple.

Most likely, on the sidelines of the company started the procedure for winding down the project. Certainly within the walls of Google is preparing a revolutionary new mobile operating system, which was codenamed Fuchsia OS. It is assumed that it is devoid of all the drawbacks of Android and can be used on all types of devices: smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, smart watches, smart home gadgets, and other things.

People familiar with Google’s plans say that the company has set a long-running task to get rid of Android as a brand and as a product.

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