Google Maps is preparing a new feature

Для Google Maps готовят новую функцию

Google plans to introduce Google Maps augmented reality mode.

To follow a route using your smartphone’s camera and augmented reality technology is already available to some users of the Google Maps service, reports

Limited testing in the “Maps” AR navigation is currently being conducted in the United States — and companies have to test a new feature journalist of The Wall Street Journal, David Pierce.

Something like that had over time to ensure that it never became popular smart glasses Google Glass, only now the field of view seeker way with the help of advanced technology is limited to the screen of the smartphone.

In the opinion of Pierce, although the AR-mode is unlikely to be the most popular way to use navigation in Google Maps, innovation is “a step in the right direction.”

The function works as follows: after determining the location via GPS, the app then uses the data of the panorama Street View to set the coordinates as accurately as possible.

Then on the smartphone screen appear floating in the air over pictures with your smartphone camera arrows indicating the direction of traffic along the route.

The application encourages the user not to use the new mode all the time — probably, it can quickly consume battery power.

In Google they say that the main scenario of using AR navigation is when you, for example, went out of the subway or out of the maze a large shopping centre, and want to understand in what direction now to go.