Gosh Rubchinskiy drew sketches of tattoos for Kanye West, but people did not appreciate

Kanye West and gosh Rubchinskiy

Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy know not only in our country but also far beyond its borders — dresses his authorship is loved by many celebrities, including West. Recently, however, Rubchinskiy announced the closing of its brand than disappoint his fans, but promised that more will delight audiences with new works. And for a long time without doing it sit was not necessary: the 33-year-old designer has been designing tattoo designs, and his first client was Kanye West.

I asked my friend to come up with a tattoo design, you want to do on his neck,

— wrote in his Twitter the 40-year-old rapper showed two options that have to come up with Rubchinskiy. By the way, familiar with the designer and rapper for a long time in November 2016 West came to Moscow, where he met with Gosha Rubchinskiy (then, apparently, their friendship began).

Photo from Twitter Kanye West

To fill in the neck West wants name his two year old son of the Saint (he and his 37-year-old wife Kim Kardashian three children), so to draw a complicated picture Rybchinskogo was not necessary. As noted by netizens, he did not bother and made a sketch using a fairly simple font. And some members of the West and even ridiculed Rybchinskogo, noting that his tattoo designs all look like the logos of rock and metal bands.

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