Government of Ontario: all the costs of illegal immigrants should pay for the government of Canada (PHOTO)

Власти Онтарио: все расходы на нелегальных иммигрантов должно покрыть правительство Канады  (ФОТО)

Government of Ontario updated its requirements for the government of Canada paid all the costs associated with providing assistance to thousands of people illegally crossing the border, to request the province to the status of refugees.

The Minister for children, community and social services Ontario Lisa MacLeod stated that currently these costs are about $200 million.

This amount includes $74 million that went to pay for temporary housing in Toronto, $90 million for social assistance and $20 million, aimed at creating extra places in schools for children of applicants for refugee status.

McLeod argues that the provincial government, headed by Doug Ford, said: for the solution of problems related to the flow of illegal immigrants is entirely the responsibility of only the Federal government.

According to her, the government of Ontario should not have to pay for the situation that has arisen not on their fault.

The government of Canada has invested province $11 million to help cover the cost, but McLeod believes that this is unacceptable.

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