Granby Challenger: new trailers acquired

With the acquisition of the imposing two-story trailers that have made their appearance at Tennis St-Luc, the Granby National Bank Tennis Challenger will be able to make significant savings, in addition to taking advantage of spaces that can have multiple use, believes the president and general manager of the tournament, Alain Faucher.
S ccording to him, the rental trailers resulted in annual costs of $ 25 000 for the holding of the Challenger, which will take place this year from July 22 to 28. “These are pretty big costs,” he argues.

When the Challenger organizers and Tennis Canada representatives learned that the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix wanted to “rejuvenate” its facilities and was ready to quickly dispose of its trailers, they did not hesitate to show their interest in to acquire it. And the talks paid off.

Alain Faucher was the amount disbursed, but it is a good deal for both partners, according to him. “It’s a big saving for us and for Tennis Canada. At the same time, these are facilities that will allow us to be even more efficient in the services we have to provide, “he says.

Faucher says the new infrastructure could lead to more savings in the future, while a three-year plan is currently on the table. The current chalet of Tennis St-Luc is more than 40 years old, according to him, and the space is more and more restricted.

There to stay?

For now, however, it is still too early, says Mr. Faucher, to know if the trailers will remain in place after the presentation of the Granby National Bank Tennis Challenger.

“We will discuss this after the event. (…) Our intention is that we can keep them, have a significant saving every year (in rental costs) and make them available, in a framework of sharing, with everything that revolves around tennis. But we do not want to force anyone, “says the president and CEO of the Granby Challenger.

The latter states that the triennial plan for the event will eventually be discussed with the City and the two levels of government.

According to him, the trailers – superimposed and soundproof – were even manufactured in Granby by a company that has since left the region and closed its doors. They are still in very good condition and need only a “little update”. A landscaping will complete the whole.

“We give them a new life. We do not spend much. It’s a good way to conserve our resources, “says Alain Faucher.

During the Challenger, the trailers will include services for supervisors, officials, as well as live transmission. The administrative team will also have a pied-à-terre.

New this year: Player Services (medical and health services, training services, ropes, etc.) will also be offered in the church basement St-Luc says Mr. Faucher.

The Challenger site is teeming with activity these days, while the assembly and installation of the various infrastructures necessary for the holding of the event are carried out.

But everything should be completed for the first event on Friday, while new people who have contributed to the development of tennis will be inducted into the Granby Tennis Hall of Fame, says Alain Faucher.

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