Granby is a zoo: more virtual animals to discover

The third year of the Granby campaign is zoo is ready to unfold. No new playful animal works for the moment. But the mobile application of augmented reality has been enhanced, said Tuesday the co-director general of Commerce Tourism Granby Region (CTGR), Hélène Plante.
QUATRE new stations, as representative of virtual pets, and add to the course, three of which will be available from Wednesday, while Mascoto (The mascots Day) will take off Main Street. The fourth station will be added to the course in early August at a location that is not specified at the moment, says Ms. Plante, also responsible for tourism development.

For the time being, the three new seals have been installed at the Paul-O.-Trépanier Library, Pelletier Park and the Miner Bridge. Once the Granby mobile app is downloaded zoo, these stations can see animated, on-screen smart phones and tablets, a Wallaby Bennett, a parrot and otters. The app, available on Google Play and App Store, also allows users to take photos with different life-size virtual animals across the city center.

“The goal was to animate public places and we found that we could still apply this signature to emblematic places in the city, especially for families,” notes Ms. Plante.

Launched last year, the application will offer a total of 14 stations. It has been downloaded more than 3700 times, according to the co-CEO of CTGR. A number that shows interest in the product, she says.

Secret animal

Another novelty: the application was “pushed a little further”, with the development of an interactive game. This will allow users to bring home – and animate – a secret animal, says Hélène Plante.

To “unlock” it, you have to visit eight of the 14 seals of the course and answer a short quiz at each place. The objective: to test the knowledge gained for each of the animals represented, through the educational capsules developed by the Granby Zoo and available on the application.

“The animal will be in their phone and they (the users) will be able to animate it wherever they want. It makes the Granby brand shine outside the limits of the Granby region and identify our brand image, “says Ms. Plante.

According to her, a major promotional offensive will be conducted locally to boost the application, but also in a Montreal daily.

The fruit of an association with different partners, a coloring mat, in the colors of Harold the adventurer, emblematic figure of Granby is a zoo, will be available in various restaurants and tourist attractions. It will also be possible for neophytes to test the application with this mat allowing Harold to come to life, says Hélène Plante. “We wanted to give a taste of the application,” she slips.

The improvements made to the application were made by its designers, the long-haired company ArtBox, who worked with SimFusion on programming.


Another component of Granby is zoo, new fun animal games will also be unveiled later this year, lets know Hélène Plante. But the latter remains discreet on the places where the sculptures will be installed, as well as on the animals that will be represented.

Over the last two years, a pink elephant, a red giraffe, a turquoise camel, an orange lion, a lime hippopotamus, a blue gorilla and a yellow meerkat, all made by the duo of Granby artists Jean-Yves Rhéaume and Marco de Muri, have appeared in different parts of the city. The project has not always been unanimous among the population.

As in the past two years, the Granby zoo campaign has a budget of $ 155,000 in 2019, says Hélène Plante. Originally, it was developed over a three-year horizon, which suggests that this is the last year of the campaign.

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