“Great replacement” and “genocide white”: the manifesto of Brenton Tarrant, the shooter of Christchurch

"Grand remplacement" et "génocide blanc": le manifeste de Brenton Tarrant, le tireur de Christchurch

Brendon Tarrant, presented as the man who shot and killed 49 people in two mosques in Christchurch (New Zealand) on Friday 15, has produced a manifesto of 74 pages entitled “The Great Replacement”. The concepts and symbolism used in this text clearly point to the track of the extreme right racialiste.

He was required to sign his action in a manifest of 74 pages which, if it contains elements that have been taken apart in appearance (poems, self-interview), already yielding valuable data on the ideology of Brenton Tarrant, the man who was shot and killed 49 people in two mosques in Christchurch (New Zealand) on Friday.

The coverage in itself a sign already the gesture: the title –The Great Replacement– and the illustration is circular with its center, a black sun. As recalled by the historian Nicolas Lebourg in Mediapart, the black sun is the symbol “of neo-nazism in the globalised (…) The symbol is fixed in the imaginary and the international use radical after 1991, became aware that he was among the tattoos worn by one of the accused in the murder of a militant anti-fascist Clément Méric”.

The text, throughout its pages, contains a part of the terms usual for the extreme right racialiste as that of the “genocide of white”, the fear of the “future for children” and the call to the “resistance”. Concepts that refer in particular to the thinker of neo-american, David Lane, who had published a Manifesto of genocide white.

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Still in the document that he left before committing his massacre, during his self-interview (answering questions that he raises himself), Brenton Tarrant is defined as a “European”, who is of australian nationality. Here also the term is not trivial, referring to the representation in this current of thought of “Europe” as the continent of “White“, which is threatened by flooding outdoor. The national dimension hardly counts in this man who is not an Australian and does not consider his victims as belonging to a specific nation, still less as being of the compatriots. During his stay in France in 2017, for example, he expressed his disgust at the presence, massive to his eyes, “non-white”.

This process of leaving behind a manifesto long, carefully prepared, mixing political advocacy, concept racialiste and symbolic neo-nazi is not without reminding us of a similar case: that of Anders Breivik who, before massacring 77 people on 22 July in Oslo and on the island of Utoya, has been sent by email to a contact list, a text of 1500 pages outlining his political thinking and motivations of her actions.

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