Gros Luxe could not reopen this week

The restaurant Gros Luxe in downtown Sherbrooke could not reopen as scheduled on Monday. Its closure remains temporary, however, ensures its direction.
On the Facebook page of the South Wellingon Street, we are “excited to reopen the Gros Luxe under a new administration at the same address”.

“As some administrative delays lengthen the process, we will not be able to open on July 29th. On the other hand we work hard to open as quickly as possible “, one writes without giving a date for the resumption of the activities.

Recall that the restaurant was closed on July 7 stating that the closure, as a result of an uncontrollable situation, was temporary. In the following days, the owner of the chain, Alex Bastide, assured during an interview granted to La Tribune that the trade would welcome its customers again on July 29th.

The businessman evoked a “legal internal dispute with the owner of the building” to explain the closure of a few weeks. To force the negotiation, the owner would have decided to lock the door of the restaurant, he said.

The establishment had been open since February 2018 and had hired thirty employees. The chain Gros Gros has eight branches, says the website.

The resumption of activities will be “soon”, we add on the Facebook page. “Nice surprises and great promotions are waiting for you during the reopening, which will be announced to you from the official date,” says one to the customers.

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