Group “I” removed a provocative video by copying fashionable music trends (video)

Группа "Агонь" сняла провокационный клип, скопировав модные музыкальные тренды (видео)

Scandalous Ukrainian group “AGON”, the soloists of which are Anton Shulepov and Peter Borowski, presented a very strange video for the song with an ambiguous title “Recruit”. As the musicians say, is a reaction to the clip, which is not.

In the movie starring no less flamboyant personality — blogger YanGo, who previously starred in the video for Christina Solovy for the song “Scalia Svichka” travesty diva Monroe, singer Alina Pash, the leader of the “Vulgar Molly” Kirill Pale and others.

Группа "Агонь" сняла провокационный клип, скопировав модные музыкальные тренды (видео)

“To create a single, we turned to modern technology, in particular, used artificial intelligence, which analyzed the hit music in recent years and gave a result is the track “Necrotic”. So here you can hear something from Montica, something from “the Mushroom”. Simple music, little words, specific performance. According to the same criteria, we created an idea for a future clip. Artificial intelligence tell us that “reaction” is the most popular content,” described the work of the members of the group. Warning: in the video there is obscene language.

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