Group “Leningrad” and Gluk’oza presented a joint clip in the style of anime

A frame from the video of the band “Leningrad”

At this time, the group “Leningrad” decided to surprise their fans not only a new song, but also an unexpected collaboration. The band has filmed a video for the song “Ju-Ju” together with Natalia Ionova, serving under the pseudonym Gluk’oza, and rapper ST. Although there is nothing particularly surprising here: Cords and Ionova quite friendly in my life, so working together they decided on purpose.

Video is a an animated video (in this style the singer filmed their early clips), which is easy to guess the cartoon characters Sergei Shnurov, Natalia Ionova and ST. In the story all three of them are members of criminal gangs, armed with machine guns and pistols, restoring order in the city and fight with your enemies.

Not without another provocation from the group which is known for its straightforwardness.

Olga dissatisfied “Mercedes”,
Kohl’s unhappy being overweight,
He and his “Mazda” unhappy
“Mercedes” it b arranged Olin,

— in the song.

Without netsentron vocabulary here, however, as always, too, was not.

The author of the video was Ilya Naishuller, who has already collaborated with the team and filmed clips for the songs “Voyage” and “kolschik”.

Still from the music video “Zhu-Zhu”

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