Group SKYE returned the stolen tools

Группе СКАЙ вернули украденные ранее инструменты

Musicians were robbed in Odessa during the tour.

On Friday, August 31, bus of the Ukrainian rock group SKYE was robbed during a tour in Odessa. The attackers stole all the musical instruments belonging to the group. The incident occurred near one of the beach clubs of Odessa.

Two weeks later justice was served and the musicians returned to their instruments. The happy news appeared on the official page of SKYE in Facebook:

“Druzi!!! Z radly podopleka, scho Nashi instrumenti I all scho Bulo virodene 31 August in Odes, prichala today in Kyiv. Sweno, vinegared. Sweno, not without the help of friends I znajomych, but the most important thing – all CIM mi saudacao you!!! Tom scho without VASO informatino Patrice (reposts and others) power nebula not used this resonance and, perhaps, contact njto would not visov. Mi znovu maslev mother bilya yourself svoï RDN instrumenti I Gatow in pouni Mr Yak as I radovati you a new, scrivimi concerts. THANKS YOU!” – wrote the musicians.

We will remind, on the independence Day of Ukraine, August 24, in the center of Kiev robbed the Russian blogger and musician Alexey Lebedinsky (Professor Lebedinsky). He said this on his page in Facebook. According to the musician, he stole the phone while walking on the street Sagaydachny.

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