Guf emotionally spoke about the breakup with Katie Topuria with: “I Will love her until the end of days”

Guf Keti Topuria

Since the breakup 39-year-old rapper Guf and 32-year-old Keti Topuria it’s been a few weeks. And if the singer quickly and accurately commented on his gap Aleksey Dolmatov, the rapper up to this point talked on this subject quite evasive.

Yesterday Guf held live in his Instagram, which finally has answered all questions from subscribers about the relationship with Katie. In particular, the musician recalled his betrayal Topuria with some 18-year-old Yana from Ekaterinburg: according to Alexei, his breakup with the lead singer of “A’studio” does not in any way connected with this a short affair.

I was so angry at this Jan that almost went for “Let them talk”. I just time my older men stopped. Not because of Jana I broke up with Katie. Yana is a stupid whore, which I planted. Someone didn’t understand who have planted in Ekaterinburg. Yana, do you hear? I know you can hear— emotionally spoke Guf live.


The rapper also said that despite the breakup with Kathy, he continues to feel her strong feelings.

Katie and I will love until the end of his days. Just the i I you some will put,

— admitted Guf singer in love.

Keti Topuria and Guf

Guf Keti Topuria

Recall that the rumors about the breakup of Guf and Katie Topuria appeared in mid-November. Later, it became known that the rapper cheated on the singer with the 18-year-old girl Yana from Ekaterinburg — this information was published in one of the Telegram channels. After some time, Katie admitted that he no longer communicates with ex-lover and knows nothing about his life. Himself a rapper, in turn, said “thank you to all the problems that have befallen him recently”.

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