Guillermo del Toro reveals which of his movies of super-hero favorite






If Guillermo del Toro has finally got the recognition he deserved with the Shape of The Water, we don’t forget where he comes from, and it either apparently. Geek one day, geek always.

If you love it as much Guillermo del Toro, this is because, unlike a lot of his colleagues polissés and corporate, he can’t contain his passion, it is even she who seems to guide each of its declarations and its individual acts. Compulsive pop-culture, he has seen everything, read everything, and it does not hold it for him, since, when one sees his films, we understand that it is only a summary and the results of its research.


Del Toro, the best friend of super-heroes


It is therefore more than logical that, in these conditions, we should be careful what he says. Yes, Guillermo del Toro, unlike others, you listen to it. And when it comes out we its movies list of favorite super heroes on Twitter, necessarily shared. In addition, it is not as if he knew nothing, because he still made 3, and not less, since Blade 2, Hellboy and Hellboy II – The legions of gold-cursed place without a problem in the head of the pack of our adaptations favorite of all time.

As modest as ever, the mexican director has deigned not to include its own securities. So, what are his films of favorite super heroes ? Here they are, without a qualitative classification in particular.



Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2


Superman & Superman II (the Lester/Donner, if, if)

Batman Begins

The Dark Knight

Black Panther


X-Men 2

The Guardians of the Galaxy

Iron Man



Wonder Woman

Doctor Strange

Thor : Ragnarok

V for Vendetta

Watchmen – The Watchmen

Man of Steel



A long league is very consistent with the personality of the director who proves, once more, at which point he is a man of taste.


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