Gynecology in Lachine: request for injunction rejected

The Quebec Superior Court rejected an application for a temporary injunction requested by health professionals and patients at the Lachine Gynecology Clinic of the McGill University Health Center (MUHC) who wanted to force the hospital to keep it open.

Complainant lawyer Anamaria Natalia Manole confirmed the news to Canadian Press late Tuesday.

There are about three weeks, MUHC Director announced that the clinic, located at the Lachine Hospital, would close and that from 1 st April, patients had to find a gynecologist at the LaSalle Hospital Center Integrated University of Health and Social Services of West Island of Montreal (CIUSSS).

The MUHC had explained that the mission given to the Lachine Hospital would be to offer more care for men while those for women would be provided by the LaSalle Hospital.

In their application for an injunction, the plaintiffs argued that the majority of patients in the clinic disagreed with this decision and that they were worried about their health follow-up in the other hospital.

Justice Michele Monast, however, ruled that these are not “sufficient grounds to warrant the issuance of a provisional interlocutory injunction at this stage”.

“The apprehended harm has not been demonstrated since, according to the overwhelming evidence, various measures were put in place to prevent a break in service after the closure of the Gynecology Clinic at Lachine Hospital and to ensure transfers to the LaSalle Hospital, “she added in her decision.

In an e, Me Manole stressed that despite this setback, the plaintiffs had made gains.

“Through this action, we obtained guarantees in the form of affidavits from the MUHC administration that the Lachine Hospital records would be transferred to the Hôpital de Lachine. LaSalle, that there would be no break in service and that the MUHC would also undertake to examine the measures that must be taken to facilitate the movement of persons with reduced mobility to the LaSalle Hospital “, he said. -she writes.

“These guarantees were not made before the introduction of our appeal and we hope that they will be implemented. ”

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