Hackers have found a way to steal thousands of liters of gasoline at the gas station

Хакеры нашли способ украсть тысячи литров бензина на заправке

They disabled the payment system and refueled 10 cars in the amount of about 1.8 thousand dollars.

In the US, two unknown men broke into the gas station and stole about 2.3 thousand litres of gasoline, which costs about $1800.

It’s likely the criminals used some kind of remote device that allowed them to seize control from the gas station employee, writes the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference for a New time.

The theft occurred at a gas station Marathon is located approximately 15 minutes from downtown Detroit. It is estimated that at least 10 cars took advantage of the free fuel. Police have confirmed that the device did not allow the clerk to use the system the gas station to turn off a single pump.

According to the employee filling Aziz Awad, after an hour and a half after the discovery of the problem, he stopped the flow of free fuel with the “emergency kit”. Previously the system did not respond to commands.

System at the gas station have long been considered potential targets, since many of them include web-based interfaces. Technical firm TrendMicro reported in 2015 that the number of monitoring systems of gasoline is easy to find in the Internet using Shodan, a search engine for Internet-connected devices and other tools that can scan open ports. Most of these systems were not password protected.

According to journalists, in the United States these types of theft of gasoline has become a trend in the last couple of months. Just a few days before the incident in Detroit, a man in Texas was accused of using devices to steal gasoline cost $800 dollars. Last month it was discovered that an employee of the company BP in new Jersey several years manipulated the computer records to steal from the company of fuel worth more than $300 000.

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