Had no idea two years: “purebred puppy” turned out to be a bear

Не догадывались два года: «породистый щенок» оказался медведем

People believed that it – “Tibetan Mastiff”.

In 2016 the young family from the Chinese province of Yunnan, while on vacation, purchased a Tibetan Mastiff puppy. He grew up and was Himalayan bear (the meat of which, by the way, on the Chinese black market is very expensive), reports the Chronicle.info with reference for Today.

When even two years later, the animal has not ceased to grow, reaching a weight of over 110 kg, and began to show the desire to walk on its hind legs, its owners finally realized that something is wrong.

Now the bear transferred to the animal to which the family asked for help. Of course, the road into the wild he closed — he was raised as a house dog.

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