Half-century celebration of Massey-Vanier postponed

Massey-Vanier High School in Cowansville is pushing back its 50th anniversary celebrations by one month. These will take place next October rather than September.
The organizing committee of the event made this decision in order to make this celebration coincide with its open day for future students.

“By combining the two events, we will gather more people and ensure better visibility for all the work done on the school’s past,” says school principal Jean-Luc Pitre.

“The meeting between our alumni, our current students and our future students will be even more interesting and will enhance the sense of belonging. ”


A vast mural mosaic, attended by nearly 1000 students from the bilingual high school, is being prepared to mark the 50th anniversary of Massey-Vanier. Gathering in particular the themes of robotics, arts and sport, the collective work composed of 35,000 pieces required three months of assembly.

Humorous performances created and performed by the students will also be presented at various school locations for the occasion, including the library and the auditorium. Everything will be presented on October 19, 2019 instead of September 14.

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