Halloween in new York | Where to go for sweets

Хэллоуин в Нью-Йорке | Куда отправиться за сладостями

Halloween in new York | Where to go for sweets

Author: Victoria Wright

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When you go hunting or fishing, it is important to choose the right place. The same applies to our Halloween tradition of going door to door threatening home owners making tricky if they are not buying small mummers something delicious. So sweet, the hunt is a success, we have prepared for you a list of the best neighborhoods where the spell trick-or-treat will be repaid in full.


The West 69th Street between Broadway and Central Park on the Upper West side is transformed into a spooky world of Halloween and welcomes children of all ages. There is everything you would expect from this wonderful holiday: fog, smoke, spiders, zombies, cemeteries and many of his other essential attributes. So there will definitely be something to profit the little pranksters.

On the Upper West side, the chances of the successful hunt for sweet open in the area between the Central Park and Lexington Avenue. They say that residents of houses at numbers 78 and 94 of the present petitioners in the suits all the more generous.

At the other end of Manhattan, a good catch will bring a visit on 21st Street and 22nd Street. When you consider Chelsea a number of town houses, inhabited by families, we have no doubt that on the eve of all saints Day there will be a lot of fun.

Хэллоуин в Нью-Йорке | Куда отправиться за сладостямиSource: flickr/cc/ Joe Shlabotnik


The annual parade on Halloween in Clinton hill is a recognized tradition of the area. Ghosts, goblins and witches get cards that help them pass through the Grand procession of decorated homes, is known for his generosity in distributing sweets.

Other worth visiting locations in Brooklyn include Halsey Street, Jefferson Avenue and Putnam Avenue between Tompkins Avenue and Throop Avenue in Bed-Stuy, as well as Garden Place and Grace Court Alley in Brooklyn Heights.

Хэллоуин в Нью-Йорке | Куда отправиться за сладостямиSource: barksdale


Beautiful scenery and old houses pleases district Forest Hills Gardens between North Greenway and South Greenway. A few other great spots in the area include Flushing (166th Street between 45th Avenue and 46th Avenue) and Kew Gardens (Austin Street and Hillside Avenue), where several residential houses (houses numbered 33-83) welcome welcome the kids in costumes.


In the Bronx you should look at Tenbroeck Avenue Morris Park, where there are at home in the Tudor style, decorated with spooky gravestones, friendly pumpkins and terrifying monsters that add festive charm to this place.

City Island is mentioned in several lists of the best areas to celebrate Halloween, so no doubt there will be something really worthwhile, at least remember the parade in Hawkins Park.

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