Has two months of its release, Sony transformed Venom into a film for all audiences






If the films of super-heroes are destined mainly to children and adolescents, the adult audience is also fond of this type of entertainment, and some movies are more intended for. And among them, there was Venom.

The movies of super heroes rated ” R ” (intended for adults) we know now that it works, after the success of Logan and Deadpool. And it is a very good news since this means that some projects will finally unlock without risking too much to distort the passage. And it is a little of what we announced at the start of construction of a film about Venom in the past year.


Nightmare Vision for the children, but sheer pleasure for the fans of Venom


From the outset, the director Ruben Fleischer was clear : his film would not be for children, declaring the same at the time that the symbiote would be “a character much more dark, violent and vicious than anything that has been seen in Marvel to date.” Inevitably, that stung more than our interest, we had very much wanted to see it even if it was not expected necessarily to be a gore-fest anthological. But with references assumed such as David Cronenberg, John Carpenter and John Landis, there was plenty to do.

Mid-July, at the same time that a new trailer arrived, the first alarm bell was pulled. producer Avi Arad had explained that the film would also be for the children and thathe was totally in the context of a long franchise to come. And we started freaking out. At the limit, they are falling a little violence in order to not have to cut off a potential audience is understandable, but to target children, while the movie was rated R, it was very paradoxical, or even completely stupid.


Venom, this is not a Mickey what


But nothing was preparing us for what Variety has just announced a few hours ago : The studio Sony would come, therefore, to a few weeks of the release of the film, making the decision to go from the classification of R to the more general public of PG-13. This implies radical changes : the disappearance of the violence too graphic, lightening of the overall tone, in front of humor. Yes, we can say that the studio has decided to make a film completely different at the last minute.


Boo children !


Of course, this choice is motivated by the prospect of juicy revenue in rooms, which would throw away the expanded universe and the positioned as the main competitor of Marvel on its own ground. But if we are to believe the article, this would not be the only reason. With the return of Spider-Man at Sony in 2019, the studio is attempting currently to get closer to its competitor to produce in the future, cross-overs, not only with the Weaver, but also with the Avengers ! And this is only possible in the framework of a franchise PG-13.



So Sony, after we have teasé for months, just we make a clear upside and one can’t help but think that this maneuver falls under the commercial suicide since all of the fans who were excited to see a Venom legitimate cinema is a strong risk of getting into a big phase of rejection, livid to have been taken at this point for pigeons. And we can’t blame them. The Verdict on 10 October.


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