“Haven of peace” beauceron for sale for$6 million

«Havre de paix» beauceron à vendre pour 6 millions$

Often described as a “haven of peace”, the Domain of Inheritance, in Saint-Séverin, Beauce, is on the market for $6 million.

The site covers a total area of 690 482 square meters has several lakes, buildings, including five homes, terraces, parking and gardens. The place, visited annually by more than 20,000 people, is part of the landscape of the Chaudière-Appalachian mountains for over thirty years.

“The owner, Benoît Lachance, is now 89-year-old. In an ideal world, he would like the buyer to continue its project,” the Sun Hugo Desrosiers, administrator of the Domain to the Legacy. “He would have liked to find people in the area who would have embarked with him in the adventure. We tried to find partners in recent years, but in vain”, he laments.

This was originally a family-owned land, quickly became a popular spot for the tourists. Over the years, the owner has increased the site area and number of gardens. The place has also been the host of various shows for the citizens.

“Mr. Lachance wanted to create a domain for Beaucerons”, advance to the end of the line, Mr. Desrosiers. “This is the second highest mountain of the region. There is an incredible potential for development,” he continued.


This is the real estate broker Sotheby’s Martin Dostie, who has been mandated by the big boss to complete the transaction. This businessman has made a fortune through his company film and its on the side of Montreal.

Mr. Lachance was erected in the Domain to the Legacy with his family “to pay tribute to the pioneers of the Beauce,” can we read on their website. One of the projects on the shelf of the man of business was to build a reception hall that can accommodate nearly 400 people in the garden of Love, delights and dreams. The site has been landscaped as a result of this project.

The entrance to the domain was free. About five employees were working there during the summer season.

The owner of the site wishes to sell all of the lots in a single transaction.

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