He commits a robbery while her 2 children patientaient in the car

Il commet un braquage pendant que ses 2 enfants patientaient dans la voiture

Two offices of tobacco have been focused on the 16 of August last, in less than an hour, to Monsteroux-Milieu and to Jarcieu, grenoble-Isère.

Two suspect have been arrested in the beginning of the week and have been placed in police custody.

In one of the two armed robbery, one of the men asked his children, of whom he had custody, to wait quietly in the car.

They have committed their package and then returned to the vehicle with the toddlers, between the ages of 4 and 11 years, who were waiting in the back seat playing.

The two men have been sentenced in appearance immediate Wednesday to 30 months and 18 months in prison.