He grabs a random girl for 6 years and throws it in the empty

Il saisit au hasard une fillette de 6 ans et la jette dans le vide

The scene occurred in a shopping center in Foshan, China.

Around noon, a man of 36 years old grabbed a young girl at random and threw it in the empty. Then he stepped over the railing and jumped to his lap.

Despite their drop of 18 meters, the child, aged 6, and his attacker survived and were transported to the emergency room.

The little girl was wounded in the head and posterior, but his life is not in danger. The thirty-year-old has broken bones.

The mother of the child explained that his daughter had disappeared after they went alone to the toilet.

“During preliminary interrogation, the suspect explained that a strong financial pressure had prompted him to consider suicide,” said the police. The suspect has been arrested and indicted for attempted murder.