He hits his wife because a psychic has predicted their separation

Il frappe sa femme parce qu'une voyante a pr├ędit leur s├ęparation

At the beginning of the month of January, a man learned that his partner had consulted a psychic on the internet, and that this latter predicted the couple’s separation and then a new meeting.

Mad with rage, he slapped his companion, he pulled her hair and threatened to death on several occasions. “Look at me well, you’re dead” he shouted.

This scene of violence lasted several hours during the night.

And this was not the first. Already last August, the mother of the family had filed a complaint against his companion for violence, before you remove it.

The 43-year-old who has three children with his wife, he explained to the bar that he regretted his gesture. “My wife and children await my return,” he indicated to the Judges.

It was on Tuesday sentenced to five months suspended prison sentence before the court of Bourg-Argental, in the Loire valley.