He is a prostitute of stray dogs for its customers zoophiles

Il prostitue des chiens errants pour ses clients zoophiles

A man, aged 52, has been arrested in Thailand for having prostituted stray dogs.

For several years, and aged man residing in Chiang Mai has collected stray dogs and prostitute clients zoophiles.

It is a local association of defense of animals has denounced the facts to the authorities.

The investigation revealed that this “pimp” used social networks to find new customers. He had put online a catalogue of dogs with the prices for each.

Placed in custody, the suspect was recognized partially the facts. It has, however, made it clear he never had any report zoophile with the animals that it housed and that he was only doing this for the money.

In Thailand, the defense of animals in criminal matters date of 2014. Since 2016, the acts of cruelty towards animals are punishable up to two years of imprisonment.