He is abusing them and his wife because the soup is not good

Il moleste sa femme parce que la soupe n'est pas bonne

The scene occurred Monday in Sablé–sur–Sarthe (72).

A couple was having dinner when the husband is pissed off because the soup that he had prepared his wife was not good.

Mad with rage, he set out to the beat.

When the gendarmes arrived at the home, they discovered the wife locked herself in the bedroom of the apartment. The victim was covered in bruises, including the neck and the head.

The military had already spent last week at the home for domestic violence.

The husband, 43-year-old, was arrested and placed in detention on remand.

During his appearance the immediate Wednesday at the Correctional Court of le Mans, he said : “I don’t like the soup, I rocked the leg “.

The forty-something woman also explained that he reproached his wife to be with him for the benefit of administrative papers.

He was sentenced to 3 months in jail and a prohibition to enter in contact with his wife.