He is facing 15 years in prison for rubbing the testicles in a sauce for a customer

Il risque 15 ans de prison pour s'ĂȘtre frottĂ© les testicules dans une sauce pour un client

The events took place on January 12 in Maryville, Tennessee (United States).

Delivery of the application Dinner Delivered is made from a client to deliver him a meal, a friend came with him.

The two young men saw red when they found the tip ridiculous that had left the client on the application.

Howard Webb, the friend of the driver, was amused to rubbing his testicles on the salsa : “this is what you deserve when you give 89 cents for a run of more than 30 minutes.”

The driver has filmed the scene and posted the video on social networks.

The police were able to identify Howard Webb on the film. The 31-year-old was arrested and charged with tampering with food. He is facing 15 years in prison.

As for the driver, he was kicked by Dinner Delivered. He will not be worried by the justice.