He kills his wife, his daughter and his parents, before being executed by the police

Il tue sa femme, sa fille et ses parents, avant d'être exécuté par la police

The horror occurred on Saturday in a city in Oregon in the United States.

Mark Leo Gregory Gago, 42 years old, killed his father Jerry Bremer, 66 years of age, and his mother, Pamela Bremer, aged 64 years.

He then killed his wife Shaina Sweitzer, 31 years of age, and their daughter, Olivia Gago, aged 9 months.

Then he tried to take Hailey Grimm, the daughter of Shaina Sweitzer 8 years old.

While Mark Gago was trying to strangle her with his hands bloodied, the police arrived at the house and executed the murderer.

For the moment it is not known why the father of the family has committed such a massacre. Some officers have said that it was one of the scenes of the most gruesome they had seen in their careers.