He meets an 11 year old girl on Tinder and the viola several times

Il rencontre une fillette de 11 ans sur Tinder et la viole à plusieurs reprises

A year ago, Travis McAdams, 21 years, made the acquaintance of a girl of 11 years on the application Tinder. And then they discussed together on the social network Snapchat.

This young man, a resident of Greendale, Indiana, (United States), has then met the young girl. They went to the cinema, where he embraced her. Then he took her behind the building, where he raped her.

The young woman had lied about his age on the internet and was made to believe she was 16 years old. During the first rape, Travis did not know his true age.

It is only after he knew that she only had eleven years. But it was still reviewed it several times and was again raped.

The victim refused to report it because she was afraid of him. It was his mother who eventually learn the facts last march and who has filed a complaint.

McAdams was detained on 14 December last. The police delayed his arrest because it took some time to obtain a search warrant. Since then other victims came forward.

The suspect was charged with rape on a minor and his bail was set at 700,000 dollars.