He smothers to death his 5 year old son with a pillow : 25 years of prison

Il étouffe à mort son fils de 5 ans avec un coussin : 25 ans de prison

A man of 37 years, appeared before the court of assizes of Seine-et-Marne for the murder of his son five years of age.

The lifeless body of the boy was found in the trunk of his car December 15, 2016.

Marc P. was immediately recognized to have killed Samuel suffocating to death with a cushion, a week earlier in her apartment Dammarie-lès-Lys.

The couple had separated in the autumn of 2016 and had put in place a system of joint custody. But, on December 10, the accused had not returned the child to his mother.

After you have reported the disappearance of Samuel to the police station, the family had done their own research and found the car of the father to Brolles. The forces of the order, which arrived on the scene, had discovered in the cofrre the corpse of the little boy.

“He kept the pressure for several minutes on the child who said dad, he had all the opportunity to stop. The revenge is obvious in this folder. By the murder of his child, he robs his wife,” said the prosecutor who has required 30 years of imprisonment.

Marc P. was eventually sentenced Thursday to 25 years imprisonment.