He stabs to death his wife because she is cheating on him regularly, and then commit suicide

Il poignarde à mort sa femme car elle le trompe régulièrement puis se suicide

Tuesday, Demetrie (left) has learned that his wife, Nancy (right) had tricked him again with another man.

He knew that his wife had other adventures, but this time, it is no longer supported.

In the afternoon, he stabbed to death his wife at their home in Oordegem, Belgium, while their three children slept upstairs.

The 35 year old man was then called relief. These last, arrived on the scene, have only been able to see the death of the mother of the family, aged 33 years.

Demetrie was arrested and placed in police custody, before being placed in detention on remand.

This father of a family was found dead Wednesday evening in his cell at the prison of Dendermonde. According to the preliminary findings, it is a suicide.