He tries to shoot his ex-wife and then shoots her daughter

Il tente d'abattre son ex-femme puis tire sur sa fille

The events took place Thursday, January 31, at Montady in the Herault.

The man visited the home of his ex-wife with a hunting rifle. A dispute erupted and their daughter tried in vain to intervene. Mad with rage, he shot him without fortunately the touch.

The young woman managed to escape with his own son in the arm, before prevent the gendarmes.

During this time, his father was dragging his mother into the bedroom, threatening thus to demolish it and then return the weapon against him.

The military arrived on the scene, managed to reason with the maniac, who is resolved to make. He was placed in police custody.

He could be prosecuted for attempted homicide(s) and his police custody could be extended, on this Friday afternoon, prior to a possible placement in detention on remand.