He tries to steal the phone from an expert in the sport of combat : he’s going to regret it

Il tente de voler le téléphone d'une experte en sport de combat : il va le regretter

The events took place Saturday evening in the neighborhood of Jacarepagua, in western Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Polyana Viana, 26 years old, was waiting for an Uber, sitting at the foot of his building, when someone approached her and asked the time.

The young woman then gave him. Then the young man was threatened : “Give me your phone ! Don’t move, I am armed”.

This that did not know the assailant, it is that his victim was a fighter of MMA. Nicknamed “the iron Lady” in her discipline, she is fired from the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). She has 10 victory for 2 defeats.

“He made the gesture of putting his hand on a gun but I realized that the object was too soft,” says the fighter. “It was really close to me. I thought : “If it is a weapon, it will not have the time to draw”.

It has taken 2 punches and a kick. Once his opponent on the ground, it placed him in a rear choke, before securing it with a key arm.

“It has been because it has not reacted after taking the punches. I think he was afraid. He asked me to let him go. I told him no. It is he who then asked me to call the police. He was afraid that I hit him more I think,” says Polyana Viana.

The suspect was transported to the hospital and the young athlete had filed a complaint.