Head of 911 not reported to the police for attempted murder, because on shift watched Netflix

Глава отдела 911 не сообщила в полицию о попытке убийства, потому что на смене смотрела Netflix

An internal investigation conducted by the police Department coral springs in Florida, found that the Director of 911 watched Netflix while on duty and dispatchers incorrectly responded to calls of a woman who repeatedly asked for help after she was shot.

Guadalupe Herrera (Guadalupe Herrera) three times, talked to 911 dispatchers, asking him to send officers after she was shot through the back window of her car. But the police received a signal about the assault and attempted murder for half an hour after the first call to women. In the end, she just went to a bullet machine, the clamping of the wound, directly to the nearest precinct.

The police managed to detain the suspect, who was ultimately charged with attempted murder, but was launched further investigation on the work of the rescue services. An internal investigation revealed that Julie Vidaud (Julie Vidaud), on duty that night watching Netflix instead of having to supervise the dispatchers who took calls from Herrera. So it is not tracked the moment when the first call was mistakenly called a suspicious incident, and the police received a signal about the attack.